15 Easy, inexpensive ways to Make your Home look more Expensive

  1. Replace your hardware. Handles, door knobs drawer pulls, etc. This adds an instant fresh look to any old doors or cabinets! I love crystal door knobs – they’re classic yet glam and modern! I added some crystal knobs to some simple drab nightstands in my bedroom (see below).

IMG_9229 (1)

2. Paint your doors – a fresh coat of paint will update your space immediately! A bright front door is a modern update that will add instant curb appeal, and re-painting your inside doors will brighten and freshen your space immensely. fresh door paint

3. Update lighting fixtures – add a chandelier to replace your basic pendant in your dining space, add some rustic Edison bulbs to your hanging lights above the island, or a modern floor lamp behind your couch. Light can add so much to a room!

If new lighting is out of your budget or you’re perfectly content with the lighting you have now, you can update your lampshades or add a medallion to hanging light fixtures. Now don’t go too crazy with this, because it can be overdone! Medallions add pizazz to a classic, traditional look. Add medallions to your more classic pieces to add dimension and make them look more expensive. chandelier

4. Update (or paint!) your light switch and outlet plates – old plates can date your space a ton, and thankfully this is a cheap update that will go a long way You can find some new plates for cheap, or if you have unique ornate ones already you can just simply spray paint over your current ones with a metallic tone.

5. Paint your baseboards and molding – just like your doors, a fresh coat of paint around your window sills, door frames, and crown molding will freshen your space.

6. Add crown molding – this can be a cheap additive that makes your space look so much more expensive! You don’t have to get the most expensive kind, a simple molding will do the trick.

7. Update your floors on the cheap – can’t afford wood flooring? Wood tiles are the newest craze that I think are even better than wood because they don’t scratch or warp. They look fresh and modern, but don’t come with the wood floor price tag! It’s also a better alternative to the popular laminate wood imitation flooring, which can look cheap and date your place even more. wood tiles

8. Repurpose your decor – sick of your decor? One of my favorite tricks is to put every piece of art, decor, and accessory furniture in one space and re-think where I place things. Give each room a theme and purpose, and repurpose the decor you already have!

Modern Bedroom Detail

9. Add grand, statement pieces – A big misconception is that because it’s big, it comes with a big price tag. You can find cheap, statement pieces that will bag a big difference in your space. Some grand statement pieces that I’ve found for under $200: a big leaning mirror, a large chandelier, piece of art.

10. Hang curtains high – this creates the illusion of higher ceilings, and just adds luxury to a home! curtains

11. Add foliage! Even if it’s faux…it does wonders for a space and adds an element of luxury in space where luxury is lacking.

IMG_9231 (1)

12. Add a rug. It’s a bad (and expensive) habit, but I make it a point to add an area rug to every room that does not have carpet. It sections the space out, and adds another layer of dimension. Plus, it’s comfy on your feet!

Modern Bedroom Bedding


13. Stacked books – makes a space look more interesting and adds height and dimension! A boring table? Add a floral arrangement or candle on top of a stack of books and voila! Fresh space. This is my own tip that I shared from my living room post.

glam living room decorations

14. Match your storage containers/baskets – uniformity is key to making your space look less cluttered (more expensive-looking).

15. Put your mismatched, hodge-podge frames on a gallery wall. It’s a great way to collect your mismatched pieces to make them look purposeful. Refer to my DIY frame wall post to get a step-by-step on making one yourself on the cheap!

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