2018 Hand-Lettered Calendar (free download!)

It’s almost October, and our 2018 calendar is filling up QUICK! I always keep a paper calendar up on our fridge (I’ll say it’s to keep organized, but it’s mainly so that important events are up front and center in front of my boyfriend so he doesn’t forget.)

We seriously already have almost two things every month going on…from weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties, to trips and reunions. Life is CRAZY!

But since I made the calendar anyway, I wanted y’all to have it too! See below to download your own month-by-month. I like to print mine on 25lb paper (stays sturdy enough to last throughout the year, erases perfectly when you have to make calendar changes, but not too heavy that it will slide off the fridge!)

Scroll down to download each month of the calendar!

2018 free calendar download

January 2018 Download
February 2018 Download
March 2018 Download
April 2018 Download
May 2018 Download
June 2018 Download
July 2018 Download
August 2018 Download
September 2018 Download
October 2018 Download
November 2018 Download
December 2018 Download


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