My 5-Ingredient Energizing Green Drink

green drink easy quick green drink ingredients quick easy green drink ingredients healthy vegetable fruit drink easy   I couldn’t go a day without my green drink! Every afternoon at around 3pm when I’m craving something sweet and about to crash, I make one of these bad boys! I always get hungry at about 3pm every day but don’t want to spoil my appetite before dinner and this drink hits the spot every day!


2 medium stalks of kale

1 generous handful of spinach

5 strawberries

1 banana

1 tbsp chia seeds (tons of antioxidants and fiber!)

2 cups water (or coconut water for an extra kick)

1 cup crushed ice

Wash all the fruits and vegetables, combine in a blender, and blend on the highest setting for about a minute! It should froth a little and be a thick, smoothie texture. If it’s too liquidy, add more spinach, and if it’s too thick and won’t blend, add more water! As for the chia seeds, make sure to drink the smoothie right away, because the seeds soak up all the liquid and it will become a gloopy, pudding texture after about an hour. If you’re saving the drink for later, I would recommend either freezing it or ditching the chia seeds!


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