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2018 Hand-Lettered Calendar (free download!)

2018 free calendar download

It’s almost October, and our 2018 calendar is filling up QUICK! I always keep a paper calendar up on our fridge (I’ll say it’s to keep organized, but it’s mainly so that important events are up front and center in front of my boyfriend so he doesn’t forget.)

We seriously already have almost two things every month going on…from weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties, to trips and reunions. Life is CRAZY!

But since I made the calendar anyway, I wanted y’all to have it too! See below to download your own month-by-month. I like to print mine on 25lb paper (stays sturdy enough to last throughout the year, erases perfectly when you have to make calendar changes, but not too heavy that it will slide off the fridge!)

Scroll down to download each month of the calendar!

New Year = Old Habits

burlap tote style market bag

Ever since my injury last year, I’ve struggled to find a balance in life with the right exercise for me because I can no longer do high intensity activities that I love like sprinting and plyometric workouts. This year, I’ve focused on nailing that down by combining a mix of barre, yoga, and my new favorite HIIT cardio workout in Scottsdale, Simply Cardio. Alongside all my favorite outdoor activities – hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.

But to be honest – between traveling, moving in with my boyfriend, rehabbing my leg, and just…life – I’ve really let my healthy eating slip!


My Holiday Home Decor Picks

Here’s some inspo for all you who need help cozying up your house this holiday season! For starters you neeed some comfy pillows, candles, and TARTAN in your life! Secondly, pine and antlers anything is always allowed. Third, don’t forget about entertaining! It’s fun to be able to get out the Christmas serveware to be festive. Eat your heart out!

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Crock-pot Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip

My favorite season is here – FOOTBALL SEASON! And that means tons of tailgating and hosting!! Over the years of living with boys, I’ve perfected my football game snackage. I’ve been asked multiple times to share one of my best smash hits to-date which is my cheesy buffalo ranch chicken dip…it’s one of those easy “dump” recipes that only requires a few ingredients and a little time in the crock-pot and voila! Keep it in the crock-pot on warm and you can serve it alllll day long. And just as easy as that, you’re the most popular chick on the block because they all want to eat your buffalo chicken dip.

Check out this super easy and yummy recipe below:


Our Living Room Makeover

Many of you know (if you’re following me on Instagram or Snapchat), that I recently moved into my boyfriend’s bachelor pad and that he gave me full control to redo literally everything. Not exaggerating. Wait, ok fine… all that’s left from the original bachelor pad are the king mattress/bed frame and his corner desk in the office. Other than that, not one inch of this place is the same after being Nohea-fied. I posted this before and after on Instagram earlier this week, now I’m finally posting the details! living room makeover


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