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Goodbye Dry Cleaner, Hello The Laundress! Enter to WIN Your Own Set!

the laundress delicate couture garment cleaning system

I don’t know about you but in my house, “dry clean” is just another word for “dirty”. I’ve gotten so annoyed by constantly having to take my clothes to the cleaner that they just sit in a lonely pile that’s never¬†touched. There are probably so many amazing pieces that I’ve forgotten about in that sad little pile…what a waste of good clothes.


Sneak A Peek Into: My Living Room!

glam living room decorations

This is the first place I’ve ever had alone, and I really wanted to do it right and have it really represent my style! I’m sorry it’s taken me over a year to post about my place…I am so picky and I’ve been waiting to show you until I knew for sure that it was complete!


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