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Sedona/Valentine’s Day Weekend!

So we realized that it was Valentine’s Day the Wednesday before so we planned a completely impromptu trip to Sedona, and it was absolutely perfect. Seriously, I really think we did it right and it just fell into place so well. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Sedona and want a little taste of everything, I really recommend doing what we did! Here is a little itinerary of our perfect weekend: (more…)

Sneak a Peek Into: My Bedroom!

For my bedroom, I wanted something modern with a hint of traditional, luxurious, and relaxing. I decided on cool colors with white linens for a fresh, relaxing feel, and silver details for the mix of traditional and modern. I chose a modern dresser with silver detail to tie it all in! (more…)

Smell ya later, 2015!

As I’m off to spend the last day of 2015 in a cabin in the snow, I reminisce on this year and think about how lucky and blessed I am to live the life I live. This year has brought so many opportunities, setbacks, happiness, tears, and most importantly – tremendous growth. (more…)

Sneak A Peek Into: My Office/Closet!

girls office fashion decor

I basically wanted an excuse to expand my closet and decorate a space super cute, so I turned my second bedroom into an office/closet space! This space is pretty much my oasis – a getaway when I need to unwind, drink a glass (or bottle) of wine, blast some music, and play dress up. It also gets my creative juices flowing for outfits or blog posts.


Sneak A Peek Into: My Living Room!

glam living room decorations

This is the first place I’ve ever had alone, and I really wanted to do it right and have it really represent my style! I’m sorry it’s taken me over a year to post about my place…I am so picky and I’ve been waiting to show you until I knew for sure that it was complete!


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