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New Year = Old Habits

burlap tote style market bag

Ever since my injury last year, I’ve struggled to find a balance in life with the right exercise for me because I can no longer do high intensity activities that I love like sprinting and plyometric workouts. This year, I’ve focused on nailing that down by combining a mix of barre, yoga, and my new favorite HIIT cardio workout in Scottsdale, Simply Cardio. Alongside all my favorite outdoor activities – hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.

But to be honest – between traveling, moving in with my boyfriend, rehabbing my leg, and just…life – I’ve really let my healthy eating slip!


Smell ya later, 2015!

As I’m off to spend the last day of 2015 in a cabinĀ in the snow, I reminisce on this year and think about how lucky and blessed I am to live the life I live. This year has brought so many opportunities, setbacks, happiness, tears, and most importantly – tremendous growth. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Words

valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Today is a happy day for some, and sad for others. I’ve personally never been a big fan of the holiday, but now that I’m single for the first time in forever I’ve found some real meaning in it. Throughout the first two weeks of February, we see funny memes and make jokes about being single during Valentine’s Day and even though I have a huge sense of humor, I’m not sure if I find these jokes very funny for the reasons below: