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Crock-pot Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip

My favorite season is here – FOOTBALL SEASON! And that means tons of tailgating and hosting!! Over the years of living with boys, I’ve perfected my football game snackage. I’ve been asked multiple times to share one of my best smash hits to-date which is my cheesy buffalo ranch chicken dip…it’s one of those easy “dump” recipes that only requires a few ingredients and a little time in the crock-pot and voila! Keep it in the crock-pot on warm and you can serve it alllll day long. And just as easy as that, you’re the most popular chick on the block because they all want to eat your buffalo chicken dip.

Check out this super easy and yummy recipe below:


Gooey Pizookie Recipe (Cookie Skillet)

pizookie gooey recipe

Last week was a really long week, so I decided that I deserved to indulge a little. On Saturday night instead of going out, I decided to master the cookie skillet/pizookie. Where I grew up (on the rough streets of North Scottsdale), we would go to Zipps every weekend in high school (a local sports bar) to get dinner and a cookie skillet. They have the gooey-est, yummiest pizookies around!!! My competitive, perfectionist nature decided to make a better one. (more…)