DIY: The 5-Step, $45 Lamp

diy lamp cheap budget diy lamp recovered diy lamp steps how to I put this fun DIY together for you all to add some glam to your house! Home decor is soo expensive and personally, I would rather spend all that money on clothes. But that doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on style! This entire lamp costed me $45 and it took under an hour to put together!

I found this awesome lamp at Goodwill or $20 as well as this circular lampshade for $5 and instantly knew it had DIY potential. The lamp was originally a gold color and was painted over in this baby blue shade. The blue is super cute, but not what I needed in my room! I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with it, but I knew I wanted something classic, yet modern and unique. I went to the fabric store for inspiration (my favorite store is SAS fabrics in Tempe) and found this awesome striped satin fabric-perfect for a classic, yet modern and unique look! I decided on a glossy black coat on the lamp base for a modern look. I sprayed two thorough coats of the spray paint for good measure and kept it outside for 24 hours-the spray paint smells for a while!

As for covering the lampshade…here are the steps I took in this endeavor. First of all, make sure that we are working with a clean, wrinkle-free piece of fabric! Second, this part takes about 30 minutes of total peace and concentration…so make sure that you have that before you get started!

1) Cut fabric. To measure the length of the fabric that you will be using, lay the fabric out on a flat surface and line up the seam of the lampshade to the end of the fabric. Roll the lampshade along the fabric until it reaches the seam again, and then add 1 inch of fabric. Cut the fabric in a straight line. To measure the width of the fabric, line the lampshade up on the fabric and add one inch to each side of the lampshade. The extra fabric that you are cutting is to make sure that we have enough fabric so that we can glue it down to the lampshade.

2) Fold and glue seam. On the shorter end of the fabric we will be creating a nice, clean seam. Squeeze a long, thin line of fabric glue about a half inch on the inside of the fabric and make a crease to create a seam. You can also iron it down once it’s dry to create a perfect seam.

3) Glue non-seamed end. Line up the non-seamed end to the seam of the lampshade with one inch of fabric left on each end of the lampshade. Glue the edge down to the seam of the lampshade.

4) Roll and glue. Once the glue is dry, roll the lampshade down to the other end of the fabric and pull taut. Glue the seamed edge over the non-seamed edge to create a clean line.

5) Glue and fold edges. Start with one side of the lampshade. Lay down a thin line of glue on the first 5-or-so inches of the inside of the lampshade and fold the fabric over to adhere. Hold the fabric down for 1-2 seconds to dry, and then move to the next section. Continue to do this until the first side is glued down, and then copy this step for the next side.

I hope you guys have fun doing this! Please ask me questions in the comments section, and upload pictures for me of your finished product!!!

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