DIY Coffee Bar/Floating Shelves

As you know, we DIY’ed a TON of our condo makeover. You’ve seen the DIY floating shelves for our bar and as the mantle in our living room. Now I used the same process for our coffee bar in our kitchen!

diy floating shelves coffee bar

We are coffee addicts. We recently got this Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee pot that grinds AND brews your coffee all in one step – and you can schedule it out! This machine has made our lives soo much easier. Cheaper version here.

Since we have limited counter and cabinet space in our baby condo kitchen, this coffee bar has been a lifesaver.

For the shelves, I created a 2×4 base with two 2×4 arms sticking out of each end and anchored that to the wall. I then took four pieces of stained plywood and made a hollow rectangle box with one side open (this slides over the 2×4’s). Once I slide the box over the 2×4 base, I screwed the corners of the box onto the 2×4’s to keep it from sliding off.

It’s a pretty easy DIY, just don’t make it too complicated!

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