DIY: Frame Wall

I got quite a few questions about my frame wall on both my office and bedroom posts, so here is a little DIY on how I made them!

Frames (mine are all from goodwill)
Spray paint (2-3 colors)
Tarp or cardboard for spray painting
Large paper to act as a faux wall for laying out your frames

1) Lay your frames out on the paper to decide¬†on the placement. Play around with it! Spread them out, clump them together…play with the shapes and sizes, landscape and portrait.
2) Once you’ve decided which frames should be which color, take out all the glass from your frames and lay them out on your tarp/cardboard.
3) Paint away! Use two coats and let dry for at least 3 hours to prevent smudging.
4) Put your photos/glass back in the frames and hang according to your stencil!

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