Fashion Inspiration From Piccing

So…you’re on Pinterest and you are absolutely obsessed with what someone is wearing that you want to buy it that very second. You click on the photo thinking that it’ll give you some insight as to where you can buy the item, and it leads you to a random landing page with no leads. Isn’t that the worst?!?! Well I recently found a website/app that completely solves this problem…and is making my shopping life a whole lot easier.

fashion inspiration piccing app

Piccing is the first lifestyle shopping experience that is based on purely images, that makes every item in an image accessible. It’s a platform for users to collect, categorize and organize images of all the things they love —with a direct link to purchase the products within these images —from their desktops and mobile devices.

Piccing has over 29 million worldwide users that have posted inspirational images with direct links to where you can buy the featured items! It’s not just fashion though…you can set your feed to show you images of food, art, travel, basically anything. Check it out here!

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