Getting Organized with Sharpie

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It’s back to school season, and I always get the organizing bug when this time of year rolls around! Starting on August 10th, all Sharpie fine an ultra fine-tip markers and highlighters will be on sale at Staples while supplies last!! This is going to be a problem for me because I have a slight obsession with Sharpies. If you’re an organization freak (or a teacher or mother) you will totally understand me. I wanted to share how I use my favorite little pen to stay organized.

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I can’t live without my desk calendar! I also can’t live without color coordinating it. Everything important in my schedule goes on my desk calendar-trips, events, deadlines…and it can get pretty messy! Keeping it color-coordinated saves me from overlooking something important, and my handy dandy Sharpies make sure the important stuff makes a statement.

target chalk stickers chalkboard stickers sharpie target chalk stickers sharpie

Part of being an organization freak is being labeling-obsessed. I can seriously label everything. I can get carried away with my labeling, so to switch it up and give my labels some style I use different labels and colors! For the smaller stuff that is kept hidden behind filing cabinets, I like to color-coordinate the labels with the colored Sharpies. For the bigger stuff that stands out, I like to stay classy with with a metallic-colored Sharpie. I’m moving into my new place soon, and will probably get carried away with labeling. For now, I’m starting with my kitchen jars and using these awesome black labels I got from Target with a gold Sharpie.

Also pictured: New Kleenex ‘perfect fit packs’ from WalMart that are soooo cute and don’t take away from your fabulous home decor. How much do you hate having those big yucky square boxes sitting on your table? (promoted content…all opinions are my own!)

target clipboard sharpie clipboard notepad target sharpie

Eeeeek it gets me so giddy to write with different colored Sharpies! I make a to-do list every single day, and it is so much more fun to write in cute colors than in plain black. It makes looking at your list less of a daunting thing, and more of an inspiration because you really want to complete the task-just so you can check it off with a cute color. I’ve even caught myself adding really trivial things on there just so that I can check them off. Is that weird? It’s the type A in me.

Also pictured: Target notepad/clipboard

file folders cute target sharpie organization office filing sharpie files organization

filing system cute file folders sharpie

Here we go again with the labeling…I love to color coordinate my files. The important ones that I keep out, I obviously do in gold. The other ones that go tucked away are in the fun colors because I’m so crazy like that. Color coordinating keeps my life in tact!

Also pictured: another pattern of my new favorite Kleenex ‘perfect fit’ tissues


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