Glamping 101: An outdoorsy diva’s guide to camping comfortably

Hello, camping season!! To me, there is nothing like being in the mountains – the crisp fresh air, birds chirping all around, and the endless activities and adventures there are to explore. But don’t get me wrong…just because I love the outdoors doesn’t mean that I’m a hippie who doesn’t clip her toenails or shave her armpits – I’m still a diva just like the rest of you! Some people have asked how I survive being a princess in the outdoors…I’ve been working on perfecting the art of comfortable camping, and I want to share my tips with all of you princesses that enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind waiting until after a weekend in the woods to get a fresh mani/pedi!




A diva’s first concern of camping: being dirty and makeup-less. But problem solved! I take a few products that barely take up any space or weight in my backpack and keep me fresh all weekend long.

Tresemmé Dry Shampoo: My secret weapon for fresh hair 24/7. I literally go a week without washing until it gets way out of control.

Burt’s Bees Herbal Insect Repellent: Everyone knows the smell of someone wearing insect repellent, and it repels more than just insects…I love this Burt’s Bees repellent because it smells like a fresh Summer breeze with a hint of lemon. No humans repelled.

Dermalogica tinted moisturizer with SPF: The best alternative to foundation, plus sunscreen added! I love the Dermalogica tinted moisturizer because it’s the most coverage out of all the ones I’ve tried. No one wants to be that diva putting on makeup while you’re camping, so this is the perfect product for a good middle ground. (I sometimes even sneak my favorite waterproof mascara…shhh!)

Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes: Let’s face it, you’re not bringing your expensive skincare regime camping…but we all hate our faces feeling dirty and greasy. I love these wipes because they’re actually good for your skin and leave your face feeling fresh and clean, unlike makeup remover wipes. I use one at night and one in the morning to make my face feel fresh!

Whish deodorant swipes: These are great because they’re more lightweight than a deodorant stick, and you can use them on more areas of your body to keep you feeling fresh!

Campsuds: This is the best multi-use suds. You can use it for bathing in the creek, washing your hands, dishes, clothing it’s even safe on hair. It’s always nice to have this around because it’s handy in any circumstance. Plus it’s biodegradable, 100% natural and made from vegetable ingredients, and a little goes a looooonggg way! (Literally only pour out like two drops or else you’ll be scrubbing bubbles off yourself for hours.)

Summer’s Eve spray: Nothing is worse than feeling yucky down there. I take this with me to the bathroom to keep myself fresh. Plus it smells really good!

Another thing to remember is a towel! I use this convenient microfiber towel because it dries super quickly and is very lightweight.



We’re divas…we have to fit the part in the wilderness, duh. Wilderness fashion must-haves include flannel, camo, cute sunnies, and some sweet Timberland’s.

Flannel: A good button-up is convenient because you can tie it around your waist for when it gets warm, and slip it on when it gets chilly out. This one is cheap enough so that you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty in the woods.

$12 aviators: Stylish shades are a must-have, but you need some cheapos that you won’t worry about ruining. I have two pairs of these at all times, just in case.

Timberland hiking bootsThe original hiking boot that we used to have in third grade has come back in true hipster form. These provide traction and ankle support, plus style. I’m an old lady now that I need ankle support because of the screws in my leg, so I need these to give me the support I need but I don’t complain cause they’re so cute. Just make sure to wear high socks so that the ankle strap doesn’t rub against your skin.

Trucker hat: To hide your unkempt hair and makeup-less face when it’s past the point of no return. I mean…er, to protect your skin and eyes from the sun?




Let’s face it, we still need technology in the woods. From documenting our adventures on Insta and Snapchat, to having some tunes in the background while you’re making S’mores…we always need something battery powered out there in the wilderness.

Lantern: It collapses to be tiny and convenient, it hangs or clips onto anything, and it’s super super bright. Just bring an extra pair of batteries along!

Headlamp: This makes it super easy to light up your path when your hands are full (i.e. going to the bathroom, taking Insta pics, etc.)

JBL Flip Speaker: I bring this speaker everywhere because it’s so compact and lightweight! It’s bluetooth, can get super loud, and has a 30-foot range (really). Plus the battery lasts forever and is compatible with the solar powered charger (see below).

Solar powered charger: This charger is super compact and lightweight and can be hooked up to two devices at once. You can use any chord with a USB and it also comes with chord adaptors! Leave it out in the sun all day and you can charge up at night while you’re sleeping.

GoPro / Selfie Stick: A must-have for any exciting adventure. I don’t know what I did before GoPro – the quality is amazing and you can sync it to your iPhone to sync the photos immediately (for Insta, duh). There are so many cool tools and devices that you can use with the GoPro, but a selfie stick is the #1 starter tool for a beginner GoPro-er.



Yeti colster: Because warm beer is a sin.

Starbucks instant coffee: Yeah we’re camping, but what is life without Starbucks?

Camelbak: To keep your hands free to take selfies while staying hydrated.

Quest Bar: The betchiest snack around.

French Press: Bougie, I know. But this has seriously helped my camping life so much! Plus, it’s an easy cleanup.


  • Running water: bring a jug of water (or two)! There is nothing like running water, and putting your hands or feet under the water to wash off just feels so good. Just are usually only a gallon or two, so if you need more water there is also a nifty 5-gallon shower bag that is a life saver! Fill it with water before you go – or from a water source when you’re out there – hang it from a tree, and you have a running shower head! It’s the coolest thing
  • Entertainment: Cards Against Humanity, bocce ball, playing cards
  • S’mores: a camping must-have…duh!
  • Firewood: If you don’t make a fire, you’re not camping. There is no such thing as too much firewood, so the more the merrier!
  • For a good night’s sleep: a warm sleeping bag and a plush air mattress (my favorite is this Serta one). Don’t forget a lightweight camping pillow!
  • Meals: Bring easy food to cook! For dinner, we usually get a bag of tamales from Costco. Wrap ’em in foil and heat them up over your camping stove (do NOT forget propane!) and they are good to go! Also, egg beaters are great for in the morning – no cracking eggs and making messes, just bring a compartment cooking pan, spatula, and cooking spray and you’re good to go! Another piece of equipment I’ve found useful for cooking is this camp kitchen.
  • Furniture: Don’t forget chairs and a card table! There’s no “sitting” around a campfire without chairs, and it’s pretty hard to cook or eat on the ground!
  • First Aid: Other than the usual first aid necessities, there are a couple other things I like to bring. Moleskin is a lifesaver! Stick some on the places that your shoes rub up against to prevent blisters – trust me, it works! Also, bring tons of hand sanitizer – it’s great for not only cleaning hands, but scrapes and cuts too.
  • Hammock: My boyfriend got me this super comfy hammock for Christmas and it’s so much fun! I love napping or reading a book under the trees. If you’re not handy enough to figure out how to set up a hammock safely or aren’t camping around a dense area of trees, this portable folding hammock is also great!



Glamp on, divas!


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