Healthy Weeknight Dinners, Simplified

What if I told you that you could cook 6 healthy organic weeknight meals with absolutely no shopping, no planning, and no looking up recipes wondering if they are good or not…for less than $40? Well I’m about to rock your world!

Introducing the best thing that has happened to super busy health freaks…Sun Basket. The way the meals work around our household is that we (and by “we”, I mean “I”) plan our week’s meals on Sunday and I make a super long grocery list to go and pick up Sunday afternoon. I try to use the same 2-3 types of meats and vegetables every week to avoid having to buy a ton of stuff. Then usually by Wednesday, we have either run out of our veggies, or we don’t want to eat meat that’s been in the fridge for three days (we are super crazy about fresh meats and fish).

Now with Sun Basket’s Wednesday deliveries, I only have to plan for 3 days’ worth of dinners on Sunday and we never let food go bad in the fridge! This is a life saver…seriously. I never have to worry about the ingredients, as I can be confident that it’s all top quality, sustainably sourced organic and non-GMO from the best farms. We can’t even say that about our local grocery store! Seriously, buying food nowadays is scary…we can never know where it really comes from and how it’s sourced.

All of the ingredients in the Sun Basket come previously measured out and in their own recipe’s bag…the only thing you need to do when you’re ready to cook is pull out the bag and read the 30-minute recipe (aka NO shopping, looking up recipes, or measuring). Yeah, I’m just as mindblown as you are. Not to mention that all of the recipes are created by award winning chefs (one that used to be head chef of the Slanted Door in SF…I’ve always loved that place!)

For our first Sun Basket, we made quinoa and white bean burgers. They were SO yummy. The whole meal was 540 calories which was a little heavy for a lunch, so I just had mine without the bun since it came with sweet potato fries. I was still stuffed!

There are a lot of options you can choose from – from gluten free to vegan. You can even choose the amount of food in your boxes – for 2 or 4 people, or the family plan. The best part about this whole thing is…you can get 3 FREE meals now…just go here to pick your meals and sign up!

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