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I am so excited to be wearing this dress from Le Tote today! Le tote is a really cool new fashion rental service that has tons of well-known brands and pieces that I love to wear. Aside from the fact that you can rent these pieces and wear them as much as you want before returning them, you also get a great discount on the pieces that you want to keep. Non-members can purchase anything on the website, but at the retail cost. Members get the awesome service, but also get these items at a great discount! I’ll explain a little how Le Tote works.For $49 per month,
1) You add items to your virtual closet…adding more items gives you a higher chance that you will receive items that you really love!
2) Receive 3 clothing items and 2 accessories in your Le Tote, wear them as many times as you want.
3) When you are ready for your next Le Tote, return the items you don’t want to keep in the pre-paid envelope and your card will be charged for the items you kept.
4) Another Le Tote will be sent to you once the previous one is received!If you’re still fuzzy, check out the Le Tote website for more info.

I also found these awesome Isabel Marant-inspired studded sandals that don’t come with the $1,035 price tag…I’m so excited about them! I love wearing heels, but hating looking overdressed like I tried too hard and these are perfect for that. These adorable earrings are another one of my Wantable pieces. If you forgot how Wantable works, refer back to this post.

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