Our Living Room Makeover

Many of you know (if you’re following me on Instagram or Snapchat), that I recently moved into my boyfriend’s bachelor pad and that he gave me full control to redo literally everything. Not exaggerating. Wait, ok fine… all that’s left from the original bachelor pad are the king mattress/bed frame and his corner desk in the office. Other than that, not one inch of this place is the same after being Nohea-fied. I posted this before and after on Instagram earlier this week, now I’m finally posting the details! living room makeover

So the first thing to go was that yucky brown paint! We replaced it with Behr Perfect Taupe, and touched up the baseboards, ceiling, and doors with pure white. Next, I made the mantle from scratch the same way I made the bar shelves from my dining room makeover post. A step-by-step DIY is still to come! I was able to use my Photoshop skills to create this 3-piece world atlas canvas (now available in my Etsy shop)!

My goal was to make this space as cozy and inviting as possible. I was able to make the sitting area cozy with plush fabrics like a microfiber couch, shag rug, and tons of comfy pillows and blankets. I also wanted to keep it warm with neutral colors and distressed furniture. A totally different style than my old ‘single life’ apartment living room, huh? My personal taste has honestly evolved so much as I’ve gotten older (and going from single to a relationship). I’ve also learned to make things more functional than fashionable…for instance this coffee table is also a storage unit..yes, I’m a totally new person I know. I did, however keep it real with the decor…my boyfriend hates the flowers, but I keep telling him that if I don’t have them then he has to bring me home real flowers every day…that’s how I get my way 😉

Check below if you want to see where I got my furniture and decor!
Living Room Makeover 35 Living Room Makeover 29 Living Room Makeover 4

Living Room Makeover 17 Living Room Makeover 8

Living Room Makeover 9 Living Room Makeover 10 Living Room Makeover 11

Living Room Makeover 28 Living Room Makeover 21
Living Room Makeover 24
Living Room Makeover 12

Living Room Makeover 25

Living Room Makeover 3

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