Smell ya later, 2015!

As I’m off to spend the last day of 2015 in a cabin in the snow, I reminisce on this year and think about how lucky and blessed I am to live the life I live. This year has brought so many opportunities, setbacks, happiness, tears, and most importantly – tremendous growth.
goodbye 2015



This year has taught me to take life day by day and enjoy the little things. I’ve learned that you never know what will come next, and you don’t always have to be prepared for it. Not everything has to be planned out beforehand – life is waiting for you to just live it! I enjoy the simpler things much more now, and find happiness and beauty in the unexpected things that come my way.

Some major events from my 2015:

Landed my dream job
Lost friends
Gained friends
Became closer to friends and family
Was hospitalized twice
Unexpectedly met an amazing guy who became my boyfriend/best friend/adventure buddy/travel partner
Succeeded at my dream job
Had literally the best Summer of my entire life (see my Summer post here)
Broke my leg
Moved from a super glam apartment in Scottsdale to a quaint homey house in Gilbert with my cousin (Hellooo hour-long commute! But the $$ savings is so worth it.)
Spent three months learning how to walk again (I can now ride a bike and hike flat, shorter trails!!)
Traveled to Mexico (twice!), California, and Hawaii – all before September when I broke my leg
Spent Christmas in Flagstaff

I am so looking forward to 2016! Even though the second half of 2015 had some rough bumps (i.e. being hospitalized twice and learning how to walk again), I am so entirely grateful for everything it has taught me and how it molded me into a new person.

What I have planned for 2016:

Costa Rica in March with the boyfriend
Ride my new mountain bike – a lot! (thanks boyfriend)
Hawaii in April for my dad’s birthday and UH baseball games
Explore Arizona more and be active every day
Save money for a house
Find happiness in the little things

Have  a fabulous 2016!

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