My Road Trip Through the Midwest Part One: Michigan-Chicago-Iowa-Kansas

So we are driving back to Arizona from Michigan, but taking a couple days longer to have a more adventurous, scenic route. Our first stop was Chicago. Our first priority in Chicago was to get deep dish pizza at Gino’s. Never in my life have I had such delicious and stuffing pizza! We walked up and down Michigan Avenue (and had to go through every floor of the Nike store for Adam). Our next stop was Wrigley Field. We drove by the bean at Millennium Park on our way to Wrigleyville and I got to snap a quick pic! Wrigley Field was so cool to see up close. It’s super old, but has a lot of history to it. Our last stop was the beach off of Lakeshore Drive. The view was incredible. There is something about seeing the big city skyline against the water that just gets me…maybe it’s because I’ve spent a lot of time at my dad’s place in Honolulu and it’s very similar.After our midday stop in Chicago, we drove another four hours to Iowa City. The drive through Illinois and Iowa was all plains and farmland. Once we got to Iowa City, we drove around the University of Iowa and saw the campus. Of course we also had to stop and see the baseball field and athletic facilities for Adam. The football stadium was enormous and the facilities were extremely nice. Afterwards, we saw downtown Iowa City and ate dinner before getting to my friend’s place to spend the night. From Iowa we drove to Manhattan, Kansas where Adam went to school his freshman year of college. It was so nice seeing the school, the town and all of his friends again. Manhattan is easily one of my favorite places. Everyone is a Kansas State Wildcats fan, and the town is centered around the college. Once we got there, I went on a run at the school because I’d been sitting in a car for two days straight. That night, we went to dinner and out to Aggieville with Adam’s old teammates. The next morning, we ate breakfast at The Chef-my favorite breakfast place in downtown Manhattan! I went on another run at the school while Adam spent time with his friends before we drove off to Colorado!Stay tuned for part two of my road trip through the midwest! fashion blog ginos east deep dish pizza chicago wrigley field chicago beach lakeshore chicago lakeshore chicago hawkeyes university of iowa baseball iowa city downtown kansas state university sign manhattan kansas breakfast restaurant the chef

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