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travel bag tips packingI’ve unintentionally built a love for traveling over the years because of where my life has taken me. My dad lives in Hawai’i and I’ve visited him at least once a year every year of my life, my half sister was born and raised in Tahiti (cool, huh?) and I’ve visited her there about a half a dozen times, I’ve lived in four different states, I used to travel out of state twice a year for 7 years for cheerleading competitions, I’ve gone through three years of flying back and forth in a long distance relationship, and as I’ve been getting older I’ve had more and more friends leave me to move on to other states, which gives me just enough reason to visit every once in a while. I’ll use any excuse to get away from home and explore things that I’ve never seen or experienced before. That being said, I’ve become a pro at this.I want to share my favorite things to pack when I travel, as it is very hard to pick and choose what to bring with you. Read below for my favorite travel items!
1) Converse:
White converse go with anything, plus they’re comfortable! Plus, they’re good for warm or chilly weather. Throw them on with a dress, shorts, skinnies, whatever…they’re the most versatile shoe in anyone’s closet.2) Whish Deodorant Swipes:
These are perfect for girls that are running around and on the go all the time. Not only are they great for a full day of sight-seeing when you don’t have time to freshen up, I also have them in my gym bag for when I don’t have time to shower before running some post-workout errands.3) Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo:
I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend my days on vacation doing fun things rather than washing and doing my hair. Dry shampoo is my best friend when I travel, because I can leave my hair dirty for a day or two longer than usual without looking like a greaseball.

4) iPad:
Smaller than a laptop, bigger than an iPhone! I love my iPad on vacation because I get the benefits of a computer without the hassle of carrying one around.5) Multi-Vitamin:
My favorite multi-vitamin in travel size. I’ve found that it is more important to stay healthy when traveling than ever, because 1: you’re putting your body through a lot of stress and 2: you’re most likely not cooking from home and getting all the nutrition you need! Germs in the airport, plane, taxis and shuttles, restaurants, and tourist attractions…even being in a foreign environment will put your body through stress, and what’s the point of being on vacation if you’re sick the whole time?!

6) Travel-Sized Beauty Regimen:
Being in a foreign environment puts your skin through stress, and there is no way that I’m relying on hotel face wash to  normalize my skin! This is my favorite skincare travel kit and includes face wash, toner, day and night creams, and a serum.

Other items in the photo include: 
Kate Spade convertible weekender tote, Tory Burch cosmetic case, Ted Baker iPad case, and Peace Love World sweatshirt (all linked below!)

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