Never buying toothbrushes again…

Have any of y’all heard about the new toothbrush brand Goby? I had heard about it and wanted to try it…so when they approached me to try it out and share it with my readers, I was ecstatic! Goby is a new toothbrush company that has a different business model – their charger is a small, sleek base that won’t clutter your counter…and they send you new brush heads for your electric toothbrush every 1, 2, or 3 months! Gone are the days of procrastinating and letting the brush head go on for months and months past their due date. You don’t even have to think about when you need to replace your brush head with Goby. The best part is….the electric toothbrush and charger is only $60!!!

I really enjoy having 1) a stylish toothbrush that isn’t an eye sore on the counter and 2) not having to worry about going to the store to grab a new brush head after procrastinating months at a time .

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