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Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen…wait for it…okay here it is: you can finally have clothes that fit you perfectly! Perfectly.Me is a revolutionary new service that creates custom clothing made for your body type, coloring, proportions, lifestyle, and personal style. You can seriously customize almost anything about the pieces – the style, measurements, colors, fabrics, and more! I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been waiting my entire life for something like this. personalized clothing for women custom made clothing

I am very busty and have a short, athletic build, so it is very difficult to find pieces that fit my body perfectly. Everything is too small in my shoulders, bust and thighs, too big in my waist and hips, and too long in the legs and arms. Now I finally found something that can fix these issues!

Perfectly.Me has started an Indiegogo campaign to help get them off their feet and up and running.

Here are the steps to making a customized garment with Perfectly.Me:

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1) A Personal Stylist will determine your body type.

2) She will recommend styles that flatter YOUR body type only!

3) Choose your fabric in the most flattering color for you.

4) The fun part – personalize the details (trim + lining) to make it exclusively you.

5) Wait for it to be made (a few short weeks) and put it on confidently knowing it was made just for you!

Check out their Indiegogo page and website for more info!

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