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So, you know how I’m obsessed with jewelry? I hit the jackpot and found a way to get an unlimited amount. A new service called RocksBox allows you to have unlimited jewelry personalized to your own style-for only $19 a month. You get a box of 3 pieces of jewelry, and can keep and wear your set for as long as you like-you will just continue to pay the $19 per month. Exchange the set whenever you feel like it for something new! If you want to keep a piece, you can buy it at the member discounted price-20% off the retail price!

There are so many upsides to this service…my jewelry collection is getting so out of hand and it would be great to just send the pieces that I get bored with back and open up room for new stuff!

Now you can get a free month of RocksBox!! Click here to get your code for your first month free!

Enjoy dolls!

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