Sedona/Valentine’s Day Weekend!

So we realized that it was Valentine’s Day the Wednesday before so we planned a completely impromptu trip to Sedona, and it was absolutely perfect. Seriously, I really think we did it right and it just fell into place so well. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Sedona and want a little taste of everything, I really recommend doing what we did! Here is a little itinerary of our perfect weekend:


11am: Wine tasting at Alcantara Vineyards
This winery is a smaller vineyard with a “family owned” feel. I personally liked this one the best…they gave us a super personalized experience with almost 30 types of wines and made us feel very welcome. We even got free reign to roam around the vineyard and tour their cute chapel. The atmosphere was also amazing! They had tables scattered all across the lawn outside and had live music. Did I mention that a tasting is only $10 and we got to keep our glasses? I would go back here in a heartbeat.



1pm: Wine tasting and lunch at Page Springs Cellars
Their site is super cute and quaint. The wait for lunch was long, so we went down to their casita for a glass of wine and sat by the creek. The tasting experience was a little bit different here – not as personal, and you could only choose from pre-set categories of flights. That part was a little disappointing, plus the fact that the service was slow…but the food was amazing! I don’t think I would go back here on a busy weekend like we did (Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend), but I would definitely stop by again on my way up to Sedona!


4pm: Set up camp / S’mores by the bonfire
We went to camp at Manzanita Campground right on Oak Creek but it was full, so we drove to the middle of nowhere in dispersed camping and parked our tent right on the edge of a cliff in front of the Red Rocks (see photo). It was seriously breathtaking. We took off the rain tarp from our tent so that we could sleep under the stars, and the weather was absolutely perfect.





7am: Wake up call
We woke up to the most amazing sunrise behind the Red Rocks and couldn’t get up out of bed because the weather was so perfect and we could see the view from our tent. We were too lazy to cook the breakfast we brought, so we packed up camp and drove to get McDonald’s breakfast – ha…some campers!

11am: 6.5-mile hike to Devil’s Bridge
Ummm, have you Googled this place? It is so majestic! The fact that this bridge was naturally created is honestly mind boggling. We went the long way through the more scenic trail in the woods rather than walking on the dirt road with most of the hikers, but it was 150% worth the extra mile (see what I did there?). I would definitely pack your Camelback full of H2O and wear trail shoes because the rock gets a little steep and slippery at times. This is something that I’ve been dying to check off my bucket list forever, and I’m so glad that I did.

FullSizeRender[2] copy FullSizeRender[1]

2pm: Lunch at Outlaw Grille
Their pork ribs were amazing! We got a little too much food (our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs), but I’m not complaining. This place is a cute walk-up BBQ in the heart of downtown Sedona with unique food. We sat on the patio to eat and people watch, then took a little walk around the quaint town. I would definitely go back!


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