50 Shades

I had the opportunity to try glasses from a fun and innovative eyewear company, Dharma Co. They carry tons of fun, fashion-forward styles that are all under $100. What’s awesome about this company is that they carry so many different types of prescription eyeglasses and polarized sunglasses. From big hipster eyeglasses to the classic aviator sunglasses, they seriously have everything – and none of them are over $100!! I personally got the Bombay style in obsidian because I looove aviators! They also give 5% of each sale to help the less fortunate and offer a lifetime warranty.

spring 2015 fashion trends

I think the coolest part about Dharma Co. is that they have a virtual fitting room, where you can try each pair of glasses on right then and there from your computer. All you need is a webcam and the system can see you – it puts the glasses you select right on your face! It is seriously insane. They are also releasing a virtual try on app in early March for the iPhone! That is the biggest setback in buying glasses online for me, is that I can’t try them on in person. With this cool fitting room I can tell if I like the shape of the glasses on my face.

Definitely check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

This blog post was brought to you by Dharma Co!

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