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Dorm decorating season is coming up, and every year I reminisce on my freshman year of college and moving into the dorms! I’m about to be moving into a new chapter of life and having to decorate a whole new space, so I’ve put together some rooms from PB teen! I will be working with a limited amount of space, and PB Teen has the perfect tools to help make the most out of small spaces. Here are my tips on maximizing your space!xo,

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I like crisp colors for a bedroom, because it makes me feel fresh and new when I wake up! Cool hues and shades of blue are relaxing, so I chose this grey mini dot bedspread, blue and grey accent pillows, and navy accents in the rug and lampshade. White keeps everything crisp, fresh and refined, so I chose white furniture. Bookshelves that are tall rather than wide allow for more floor space in a small area. I also found this great trunk that can double as a storage bin and an end table. A great way to utilize space is by storing things in bins under the bed and in the closet. These great closet organizers are also perfect for fitting more things in smaller spaces.1. Acrylic Lamp + Simple Trim Shade  2. The Emily + Meritt Travelers Trunk  3. Peyton Rug in Navy  4. Elsi Bookcase  5. Mini Dot Duvet Cover + Bedding Set  6. Rose Twist Pillow Covers

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My bathroom is my sanctuary! Not only do I love spending time taking bubble baths, my bathroom is where my whole beauty regimen goes down…and this means a TON of products! One of my favorite pieces for organization the bathroom is this cosmetic wall mirror and accessories holder. The shelves are perfect for holding hairstyling tools and products without taking up counter space. I am sooo obsessed with this wall mirror/jewelry organizer as well. The biggest problem of any fashionista is how to organize her jewelry, and this is it! Not only does it do wonders for our jewelry collection, it takes up barely any space and doubles as a full body mirror! Now that is really utilizing space. Other things that I love for organization are these beauty trays to keep the clutter off the counter and condensable laundry baskets.1. Pretty Petals Beauty Storage  3. Hannah Beauty Mirror + Accessories Organizer  4. Pom-Pom Bath Mat  5. Peyton Shower Curtain in Grey  6. Chloe Wall Mirror and Jewelry Storage  7. Humor Duffle Hamper with Crossbody Strap

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If you have the luxury of a second bedroom, doubling it as an office and guest room is a perfect way to maximize space. This sleeper sofa can be a comfy getaway from your work during the day, and a place for a friend to stay at night. Another great tool to make the most out of your office is this tall revolving bookcase, because it can hold three times as many books for a third of the space! I like my office space to feel calm and warm, so sticking to neutrals for an office is the way to go and prevents distractions and stress with brighter colors.1. Chelsea Classic Desk + Hutch  2. Wooden Eclectic Framed Pinboards  3. Revolving Bookcase  4. Ooh La La Armchair  5. Chalk Calendar Wall Decal  6. Cushy Sleeper Sofa  7. Owl Lamp

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The living room is the place where everyone comes together to socialize, so keeping it neutral creates a warm and inviting environment that feels “homey”. Living rooms can be the best for storage! This stackable cube shelf set can double as bookshelves as well as a TV stand. These storage bins are so cute to hold little knick knacks, DVD’s, and electronics. I love myself a sectional, because it can seat more people for less space.  I also found these trunks that can double as storage containers and a coffee table and end stand.

1. Dorm Trunk 2. Weathered Wood Square Trunk 3. Capiz Inlay Lamp  4. Cushy Lounge Sectional Set + Base  5. Moroccan Diamond Rug in Charcoal  6. Stack Me Up 5-Cube Set

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