Sneak A Peek Into: My Living Room!

This is the first place I’ve ever had alone, and I really wanted to do it right and have it really represent my style! I’m sorry it’s taken me over a year to post about my place…I am so picky and I’ve been waiting to show you until I knew for sure that it was complete!

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The feel I was going for when decorating my living room was “modern glam” with a bit of a 60’s vibe. For the 60’s vibe, I have my ginormous retro square coffee table, white fur pillows and throw, vintage Vogue Magazine cover photos (from my Vogue The Covers book) in simple gold frames, and the copper mirrored end table with an intricate lamp (remember my DIY post for this lamp?). I added the “modern glam” pieces to freshen the room up that are all a hodge podge from Home Goods, Z Gallerie, and Goodwill! I even tried to incorporate a mix between 60’s and glam with the little details, like the herringbone coasters and the retro ceramic urns.

It may seem like I spent a ton of money on decorating my living room, but I really didn’t!! My strategy is to mix expensive quality staples with the inexpensive trendy pieces. I get most of my filler books from Goodwill for $2-$4 each, and the nice ones (like the Chanel and Vogue The Covers books) from Amazon. The Z Gallerie decor I get mostly in store on sale…usually I’ll pick up some pieces that have a knick or scratch in them that they marked damaged at 50% off (I mean really, can you see a scratch on that silver ceramic book? Yeah, I didn’t think so). I won’t pay full-price for Z Gallerie stuff, so the rest of my decor I get at Home Goods! My trays, pillows and throws, foliage…all from Home Goods. It’s hands out my favorite decor store…it’s like a discounted Z Gal but with 10x more product and styles, really.

I tried to collect everything from my living room all on the internet for you to shop…see below for everything that I could find!!


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