Sneak A Peek Into: My Office/Closet!

I basically wanted an excuse to expand my closet and decorate a space super cute, so I turned my second bedroom into an office/closet space! This space is pretty much my oasis – a getaway when I need to unwind, drink a glass (or bottle) of wine, blast some music, and play dress up. It also gets my creative juices flowing for outfits or blog posts.

I always need to keep everything out on display┬ábecause frankly, out of sight is really out of mind for me! I have so much crap that if something isn’t right in front of me, I won’t even think to use it in my look. I tried to display everything in the most organized way possible so that I’m able to get the best view for when I’m putting a look together.

I created all of the graphics that you see here myself, and most of them are available for sale for only $5 in my Etsy shop!

Also, remember my 5-step DIY lampshade tutorial?? Well, here it is now in real life!! Enjoy!

fashion office jewelry 1

office details jewelry

office details 3

office details sunglasses office details 2 big organized girls fashion closet

girls office closet


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