Spring Fashion Trends 2015

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the “Spring Into Style” fashion show put on by Phoenix Fashion Week. I loved that it wasn’t just new designs for the season, it was a full trend show that showed six of the top fashion trends for Spring 2015. Every trend was styled by a local stylist, who each did an amazing job!! Here are some highlights from the show, and how I felt about how each trend was styled:

spring summer fashion trends white neutrals

The Neutral Trend

This one was a bit underwhelming for me. Everything was cute, but it was a little basic for my taste – nothing super over the top or exciting. It seemed a little amateur/college style looking to me. And as you can see, it was all white. For neutrals, I wanted to see some monochrome taupes, greys, tans, etc. On the plus side, this show was definitely cohesive and I understood the vibe! Good job on this one, Vanessa!

Styled By: Vanessa Gonzales
Clothes & Accessories by: Dillard’s

spring summer fashion trends denim distressed

spring summer fashion trends kids denim
spring summer fashion trends white denim

The Denim Trend

Okay, who is this stylist and where the hell did she come from?! I DIED. Who knew denim could be so exciting? This show was not only on trend with everything current right now, but it was exactly my style…so on point! Everything styled was edgy and casual, but still somehow seemed feminine (how did you do it Nuvia, howww?!) The music and hair were even on point – those wigs tho, really now?!  It was just the perfect touch to keep it edgy but not over-the-top. And the kid?! I have no words. Seriously amazing. Somebody get this chick a trophy or something because she deserves it.

Styled by: Nuvia Magdahi
Clothes & Accessories by: Zara (obvi), H&M, BCBG Max Azria, Finally Made, and Clutch Crowns

spring summer fashion trends ethnic boho

spring fashion trends 2015 boho

The Boho Trend

Hmmm, I think this stylist might have misunderstood boho for ethnic. There was a touch of African, some Persian-looking gowns, and even some Bollywood. She did put on a great performance mid-show, which I am definitely a fan of, but the Bollywood dance did not convey the boho trend. For boho, I wanted to see more “Coachella hipster” with flowy dresses, booties, floppy hats, and crazy jewelry (i.e. Child of Wild, Show Me Your Mumu, Lauren Conrad, etc.)

One thing I did love was the hair and the henna tattoos! I feel like those were very boho and I died over the hair – mini fishtail braids in messy, matted locks. I also understood the facial jewelry. The hair, henna tattoos, and jewelry were my favorite part because it made the show cohesive and helped tell her story.

Styled By: Jenesis Laforcarde
Clothes & Accessories by: Vintage by Misty, Lana May, The Henna Shoppe, and Delbamé

mens spring fashion trends 2015

Men’s Spring Trends

I don’t claim to be a true connoisseur of men’s trends and fit, but I am 100% sure that the jackets were very poorly fitting. Other than that, I liked most of what this stylist put out in the show. Some of the prints and materials were a little excessive and somewhat dated, but I definitely understood the story and what the stylist was trying to convey – a relaxed, casual cool look. Good job, Tim!

Syled By: Tim Boado
Clothes & Accessories by: Robert Graham

spring fashion trends 2015 floral

The Floral Trend

This stylist tried so hard to not show the basic Springy floral look that it ended up forced and disconnected. She gave the florals an edgy feel which – don’t get me wrong – is 100% my thing (I am all about combining edgy with feminine), but it looked more Avril Lavigne circa 2004 and less “effortless edgy femme” á la Ted Baker, Intermix, All Saints, etc. I would have liked to see a floral skirt with a leather bralette, a floral dress with a moto jacket, or some destroyed denim with booties, a fedora, and a floral blazer. All in all, this show had no story and did not convey the fresh, Springy floral look that we all wanted.

Styled By: Audree Lopez
Clothes & Accessories by: Ted Baker, Boutique to You, Never Nola, Rag-O-Rama, Ruby Mae, Pitaya, Pepper, Rhinestones & Relics, Whole Foods

spring fashion trends 2015 bold

The Bold Trend

I was the most excited about this show because I die over bold, dramatic looks. I reallllyyy wanted to see some Michael Costello or Victoria Beckham ball gown looking shit. What I ended up seeing was garments that were poorly made and a show that told no story. I was so disappointed with this show, just because I was so excited for it as the finale and my favorite style. One thing I did love however was the hair and the colored eyebrows – I just wish they were with classic, dramatic gowns rather than what I saw.

Styled By: Jackie Marin
Clothes & Accessories by: San Cora, Jean Louis Saraji

I loved seeing these talented stylists in action, and so look forward to seeing Arizona fashion continue to improve and grow in the upcoming years. Good job to everyone!

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