Stitch Fix = The Busy Girl’s Style-Saver

Soooo I got a chance to try Stitch Fix…and I need to say it is the most awesome service ever! As someone who is sooo busy I barely have time to shop (even online!) and this takes the worry out of it. Also, it’s just fun seeing what someone picks out for you – it’s nice to have a different perspective. You can choose all of your style preferences, and if there’s something you don’t want/need (i.e. I do NOT need jewelry, as I work for Stella & Dot), you can opt out of that in your profile!

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The process was easy…just schedule the exact date you want to receive your Fix, try it on and review it within 3 days, and send what you don’t want back to them in their pre-paid envelope! They even offer 25% off your entire Fix if you buy all of the items.

Now that I think about it…Mother’s Day is coming up soon and a Stitch Fix Gift Card would be the best Mother’s Day gift!


Here’s what I got in my Fix and how I liked it:

Atalya Cold Shoulder Top
Fit great, price was great, just didn’t like the print! I told my stylist that I am looking for more bohemian pieces, but didn’t specify that I liked the casual chic bohemian look (aka neutrals only!) She gave me a pink and orange boho printed top – not my style!

Lila Ryan Released Hem Distressed Skinny Jean
LOVE! I told my stylist that I needed some Springy skinnies and that only cropped looks good on my short muscular legs – she completely nailed it!

RD Style Vierra Off Shoulder Dress
Loved this!! I asked for some off-the-shoulder pieces because they’re a good flattering Spring/Summer staple, so she nailed it with this. The only caveat was that it was too long and not form-fitting, which made me swim in it. Super disappointed in that :/

Pixley Stacey Scallop Hem Cut-Out Detail Skirt
Too small, but also too traditional and preppy for me!

Skies are Blue Rorik Strappy Back Top
I was looking for more casual chic, so this one hit the mark a little. Bright orange is definitely not casual chic!


Tips for the best fix:

1) Keep your style profile up to date. Stitch Fix is always adding new questions to the style profile. Be sure to look through your profile every few months to answer any new style questions.

2) Write a note to your stylist each time you schedule a Fix. Do you have an event coming up? Let your stylist know about it so she can find you something special. You can also request specific items that you see from their Pinterest board or blogs.

3) Leave feedback when you checkout. The more detail the better. If the armholes on that shirt were cut too small, or if you weren’t crazy about the pattern but loved the fit, put it in the feedback.

4) Link to a Pinterest style board and keep it updated! This is the absolute best way to really let your stylist know what looks you want to emulate.


Scroll through their Pinterest board for some of their current available items that you may see in a fix!


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