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Sedona/Valentine’s Day Weekend!

So we realized that it was Valentine’s Day the Wednesday before so we planned a completely impromptu trip to Sedona, and it was absolutely¬†perfect. Seriously, I really think we did it right and it just fell into place so well. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Sedona and want a little taste of everything, I really recommend doing what we did! Here is a little itinerary of our perfect weekend: (more…)

Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts Under $150

holiday christmas gift ideas

So…if you’re anything like me, you hate shopping during the holidays. Don’t get me wrong…I love seeing the Christmas decor and smelling the yummy Christmas scents in the mall. But to think that I will actually get something accomplished at the mall during this season is delusional. So I take all my holiday gift shopping online…here are my top 7 gifts this season!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving! We had the most amazing food at our family dinner! We went around the table saying one thing we were thankful for and my 9 year old cousin said “George Lucas” haha.After dinner my cousin and I went to see Breaking Dawn and then I waited in line at Best Buy for an hour only to NOT get a TV! Whatever! Now I can use that money I was going to use to shop!

I am wearing an Old Navy vest, vintage sweater, Gap cords, Ann Taylor shoes, and assorted jewelry.