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Warm & Edgy Winter Textures

winter fashion trends
Well, here I am…playing with textures and colors again! I just can’t get enough of all these rich winter textures because they all go together so well. Here I have leather pants, a cable knit sweater, a wool/felt hat, a calf hair and leather bag, and suede shoes. That’s five textures altogether! Don’t be scared to mix a lot of textures together…it gives your outfit depth! Also, don’t be afraid about mixing colors. Here I mixed this burgundy bag with the blue shoes…both very rich winter colors. To be safe with mixing colors, keep the main items in your outfit neutral, and color up the accessories.Steal My Style:
Sweater: Rubbish $14
Hat: Target $17 P(it’s a men’s hat…here‘s a similar women’s one)
Bag: Target $22 (unavailable)
Shoes: Louise et Cie $65
Lips: MAC lipliner in Cherry

Photo Credit: The amazing Gabriela Gonzalez!

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