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AOL Fall Beauty Awards: Best Nail Products of 2015!

best of fall nail colors

I was a judge for this year’s AOL Fall Beauty Awards, and I had the privilege of reviewing the nail products! I got to review nail treatments, different colors and formulas, and even a gel kit! There were tons that I loved, and some that unfortunately just did not hit the mark. Here are my reviews of this year’s best nail products (scoring from 1-5):


The Best Drugstore Beauty Buys Under $15

best drugstore beauty makeup

As much as we want a makeup case full of YSL, Dior, Chanel and NARS, most of us can’t have that! But there are products out there that are of almost the same quality as the high-end, but for a fraction of the cost. I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite makeup and beauty products from the drugstore that will get you looking fab without putting you in debt. (more…)

Five Best Red-Orange Lipsticks By Category

red orange lipsticks best favorites

My favorite lip color is undeniably red-orange. It’s good for all year round and adds a feminine edgy pop! Trying a new color is a little intimidating with so many brands and types to choose from. So I’ve consolidated my favorites by category so that you can make an educated decision on your red-orange lipstick purchase!  (more…)

My Quick Everyday Makeup Routine

eyebrow kit
I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries as to what makeup products I use and what my typical routine is…well here you go! I’ve divulged my usual everyday makeup routine for you guys. This is my typical procedure that I use every day and it takes about 10-15 minutes depending on my mood and how rushed I am.