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Busy day at Nordstrom!

Had to wear something comfortable after the hectic day yesterday…so I chose these pants that I got from the boutique inside my health club. They’re so comfortable I had to get them in like four colors….aka I’m a shopaholic.

This top I got from Q which is this new store in the mall that is like a tackier version of Forever 21…but if you look in between all the pleather leggings and neon halter tops you’ll find a few gems for super cheap. Like ten bucks cheap.

Had to wear the Toms wedges again! But I changed into black sandals midday and put my hair in a bun….super cute! (sarcasm.)

I’m Baaack!

After six months of taking 18 credits and working full time along with juggling somewhat of a social life in there too, I can finally start posting again! I’m so excited! So I promise….I will be committed to posting often!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started yesterday and it was crazy! Anyways, this is what I wore…

Maxi skirt-Xhilaration for Target (I know, right?)
Top-Miami from Francesca’s Collections
Kicks-Toms (Yes, they make wedges-and cute ones too! Ps they’re super comfy)
Necklace-Francesca’s Collections
Bracelets-Target and inherited
Bag-Banana Republic

Going Out

We went to Ernie’s in North Scottsdale to celebrate Tessa’s 21st birthday and then headed down to Old Town Scottsdale to go to Spanish Fly and Firehouse. ┬áIt was super fun!I am wearing a dress from a boutique in Santa Monica, California, H&M tights, Steve Madden shoes, vintage Chanel clutch, and assorted jewelry.

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