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A Reflection on 2014/2015 Resolutions

There is probably one word that can describe my 2014 and that would be “shitshow.”  This year has challenged me and forced me to grow in so many ways. 2014 brought heartache, happiness, success, failure, knowledge, inspiration, travel, and most importantly: wisdom. It ended relationships, rekindled others, and started new ones. It made me experience things that I never thought I would.

Spilling My Purse

whats in my purse

Today I’m sharing something very personal…the contents of my purse! I keep my whole life in my handbag, and seriously cannot live without these items!! See below for specifics, links, and some freebies and discounts that are exclusively for my readers! (more…)

My Quick Everyday Makeup Routine

eyebrow kit
I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries as to what makeup products I use and what my typical routine is…well here you go! I’ve divulged my usual everyday makeup routine for you guys. This is my typical procedure that I use every day and it takes about 10-15 minutes depending on my mood and how rushed I am.