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Fashion Inspiration From Piccing

fashion inspiration app piccing

So…you’re on Pinterest and you are absolutely obsessed with what someone is wearing that you want to buy it that very second. You click on the photo thinking that it’ll give you some insight as to where you can buy the item, and it leads you to a random landing page with no leads. Isn’t that the worst?!?! Well I recently found a website/app that completely solves this problem…and is making my shopping life a whole lot easier.


Perfectly For You By Perfectly.Me custom personalized clothing

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen…wait for it…okay here it is: you can finally have clothes that fit you perfectly! Perfectly.Me is a revolutionary new service that creates custom clothing made for your body type, coloring, proportions, lifestyle, and personal style. You can seriously customize almost anything about the pieces – the style, measurements, colors, fabrics, and more! I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been waiting my entire life for something like this.

Twist and Pout Lip Balm

lip balm keychain
I recently discovered this lip balm by Twist and Pout and I am obsessed! You might remember these from my “Spilling My Purse” blog post from last week. They’re very moisturizing and light at the same time…but the best part is its little case. Each one has a different design and connect to your keys! It’s so convenient for me because I hate lugging my big bag around with me everywhere, so I have my little keychain wristlet to use as a wallet along with my Twist and Pout lip balm. It’s like a purse on your keys!Style By Nohea readers can get their own fabulous lip balms from Twist and Pout with a 10% discount off of regularly priced items using code: Nohea.