What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Let’s face it…we all wish we could bring six suitcases on vacation with us. It’s so stressful packing for vacation when we don’t know exactly what the atmosphere is going to be like or what we will be doing at every second of the day. I’ve put together a conglomeration of necessities for your next tropical vacay that are versatile for any thing you might come across on vacation and will make packing stress-free!
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The key to versatile clothing pieces for traveling is multiple uses! Dresses and rompers are great for a beach vacay because they can be worn three ways. Wear a romper over your bathing suit at the beach or to a casual lunch with sandals and your straw floppy hat.  Wear a maxi dress from the pool to dinner by adding wedges, a cardigan, and a statement necklace to dress up the look.A flowy blouse is also versatile because it can double as a cover-up with shorts, or out and about with some flowy linen pants. Crisp white shorts are perfect for a resort vacay, because they make any outfit look more chic and put together. Whether it’s with a simple tank and sandals or a flowy blouse and wedges, it’ll pull the look together in an instant.

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Volumizing Dry Shampoo: A vacationer’s lifesaver
Dry shampoo is a must-have for traveling. There is just way too much to experience on vacation to wash our hair every day. This Sexy Hair dry shampoo does not leave a white residue and a god-awful stench like most. It’s super light, smells great, and also adds volume!Anti-Aging Sunscreen
Sunscreen is a must for a sunny adventure, unless you opt to return home with at least 15 more sun spots than you left with. This paraben-free sunscreen will protect you against the harsh rays and de-age you at the same time. Plus, it’s super light and won’t clog your pores. Definitely a must-have on my list!

Vitamin C Lip Treament
Let’s face it, you’re going to get dry lips. There are so many forces going against you on vacation…sitting in the sun, sipping on drinks, smooching with your travel buddy (maybe?). You’ll need some serious lip recovery from these harsh elements, and this vitamin C treatment is my fave!

Anti-Frizz Hair Serum
Beaches are humid, period. And what does humid entail? A lion’s mane on your head. This hair serum is great to keep your hair shiny and sleek-looking at the beach without making it greasy.

Motives Bronzing Lotion
Keep your sun-kissed glow after protecting yourself from the sun with tons of SPF. This bronzing lotion is quick-drying, streak-free, and soothes your skin with aloe vera just in case you’ve overdone it in the sunshine.

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Nail Lacquer in “Celebutante”
This color is natural and beachy-looking, and will hold up for your whole vacation. I lalalaloooove this nail lacquer because it lasts longer than polish! Lacquer is known for being a more durable alternative, and is great for traveling, because no one wants to constantly be touching up their nails on vacay!Kate Somerville Tanning Pads
For a cancer-free glow. I love these because they’re sooo easy to use and ond don’t leave a gross residue. I like to use them for the more sensitive skin where I don’t want to apply actual self-tanning lotion, like my face. They don’t leave you orange and streaky or have a gross tanning lotion scent, and they’re refreshing!

Bronzer in “Miami Glow”
If there’s one makeup product that I could bring on vacation it’s bronzer. Just a couple dabs in your t-zone and on the apples of your cheeks liven your face up and make you look like you actually fit in to your tropical atmosphere. I love this line of makeup, because it is so pure you could fall asleep in it and it won’t clog your pores. Perfect for your afternoon beach nap.

Makeup Setting Spray
How annoying is it when you’re sightseeing and have to retouch your makeup?! I love this spray, because you can just set your makeup for the day and forget about it! It also gives you a dewey glow, which I love.

Magic Potion for Beachy Waves
I like to use this after showering when I want to go for the natural look (aka…when I don’t have time to do my hair). It creates a beachy texture and keeps your waves in tact. Gone are the days of bringing 3 different hot tools to style your hair on vacation, only to ruin it the second you go in the water.

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Oil Blotting Sheets
These Shiseido blotting sheets are my favorite. I use these about every day, because my face will get oily half-way through the day and it’s a great refresher to mattify my face, or clean it up a little before touching up my makeup.Bobbi Brown Beach Fragrance
Seriously the best beachy scent! We vacation to get away from the norm, so why not smell like where you’re going? It’s a light cent of citrus and sea mist, which is perfect for your beachy vacation.

Alexa Chung’s It
A good read is a must for your hours of laying out in the sun. Instead of bringing 10 pounds of magazines, just bring one good read that you’ll be able to finish during your stay.

Phone Case/Wristlet (aka: lifesaver)
This ziparound wallet/phone case is my fave. For making a quick run to the hotel bar for a daquiri, or going to the spa for a massage…it’s much more convenient for quick trips and is thief-proof. No one can reach into your bag or snatch it from you, because it keeps everything safe in its zipper and stays nicely on your wrist.

Fragrance-Free Face Wipes
For when you need a quick refresher or cleanup, but don’t want to go through your whole face-washing regimen. Maybe you feel dirty from the beach or the airport, or just went on a run and need a refresher (if you’re one of those crazies). These are a great quick cleanup without the mess of a sink and face wash.

Travel well,
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